Mindfulness is a practice of observing our thoughts and feelings without judgement. It takes practice to develop the habit, but this process can also lead to significant benefits in our health, both mental and physical, to improved motivation and overall resiliance, contentedness and compassion, due to the  rewiring in the brain. Training takes place weekly during 2 hour sessions. Groups from sizes as few as 4 to a maximum of 12 can be acommodated onsite at your premises whether a business, school, college, university, or club. 

Personal Development

Devloping self-awareness. Improving communication skills. Learning personal and inter-personal, relational skills. Takes place in groups or one to one, as required by client.

Group Facilitation 

Building positive working group relationships, in order to better facilitate task orientation, creativity and productivity. A neutral intervention to diagnose blocks, to help identify improvements, and propose possible solutions.

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